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We are delighted to welcome to Diane Grano who is joining the Lightwave Staff Team as leader of a new Anglican/ Methodist Rural Resourcing Church. Lightwave is a new initiative funded by the Church Commissioners to help Suffolk to reach people who are not yet part of any church in the countryside. The Rural Resourcing Church led by Diane will be developing small missional groups serving the Forest Heath /Red Lodge area in West Suffolk.

To find details of all the activities at Red Lodge click on the link here to the Red Lodge Rural Resourcing Church website


If you want to find out more about Diane’s work and/or offer to regularly pray or support her, please contact her at

The Suffolk Lightwave Communities are all about sharing God’s love. Mostly this takes place in small groups in homes, coffee shops, pubs and even in the workplace. Rural Resourcing Churches complement the ministry of parish churches, to help those who have not yet found faith, discover what Jesus Christ can mean to them.

  • for people who may not normally do church

  • for young families

  • for teens and twenties

  • for growing disciples

  • for being a blessing to villages and other churches

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Red Lodge and Surrounding Areas

"Hospitality is the new way to evangelise"

"I think that Jesus is going to do a great work"

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