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keeping you connected during difficult times

phone tree

At Lightwave we are looking for ways we can help across

rural Suffolk in the current situation.

Here’s a simple way to help those who are isolated during COVID-19 epidemic –

tried and tested by members of the Rural Coffee Caravan. Each village (or street in a

town) has a Phone Tree Coordinator. If somebody would like to receive a regular phone call during the next few weeks or months, they ring the coordinator who will match them with someone who phones them and people whom they will call. With a telephone tree – each person can call their two designated people for a chat, so that if it becomes necessary to self-isolate, folk can still have a bit of a natter and a catch up to relieve any social isolation.

Each phone tree is independently organised by a church or individual, but the Lightwave

and Rural Coffee Caravan Teams can supply some good practice guidelines. We’re

happy to spend time supporting coordinators answering questions, addressing

challenges and we will pray for your phone trees.

If you want to set up a phone tree in your village then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact:

• Canon Sally Fogden (Rural Coffee Caravan) - 01359 268923.

• Archdeacon Sally Gaze and other members of the Lightwave Team – office hours: 07394 568396/ 07394 559889 or out of hours 07446 933129

Download best practice guidelines

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Phone tree for COVID-19 virus

Where are our phone trees?

Praise God for those who are running prayer trees in the areas shown below. Pray for them, and if you want to get involved email and we will, if you give us your permission, pass your email on to the relevant co-ordinator. This list is updated very frequently, so please check back. 

Prayer Trees are currently running in the following locations


Barton Mills





Ipswich, St Margaret’s, Soane Street




Red Lodge

South Hartismere

West Row


If you are co-ordinating a Phone Tree in your area, we would love you to tell us so we can pray and add you to the list above - see below


Organising a phone tree?

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