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Prayer Newsletter 2020

Lightwave Community News and Events - January edition

Dear Lightwave prayer supporters,

I am writing to you to tell you about some forthcoming news and events that I think will be of interest to you and to ask for your prayers for all that will be happening in the life of the Lightwave Community!
Firstly the top 5 things to give thanks for are;

  • A really successful Live Nativity at Otley College on 11th of December.  Over 200 people came along, on a cold, dry winter's evening and filled a barn in the grounds of the College, along with alpacas, sheep and cows, lots of music, hot chocolate and craft for children and young people.  It really was a community effort, with a local Scouts group, the Rural Coffee Caravan, independent traders and lots of volunteers and the Otley College staff, to ensure it was a superb evening, hearing about the Christmas story!  Live nativity highlights can be found at  

  • A Star Party took place on Monday 6th of January, which despite cloudy skies, some stars were seen and one person in the group brought their telescope.

  • The Run with Joy course which starts on the 16th of January for 6 weeks, has received a lot of interest and there has been a lot of demand for further courses like this to be run.

  • The Gazes' move to Otley went well and they are settling into the village.

  • An encouraging Strategic Development Funding Self Assessment workshop took place, reviewing the delivery, direction and progress of the Growing in God in the Countryside project, with input Diocesan wide. 


The top 5 things to pray for are:

  • The Spiritual Practices and Discernment day - on the 1st of February, for good number of people attending and for the practicalities and final arrangements to go well, in preparation of the day.

  • For the new pattern of the Lightwave Community Guiding team gatherings, (consisting of support/networking, workshops, teaching and meetings).

  • An opportunity has arisen for a potential lambing event in the spring with Otley College.

  • For good health for the Lightwave project team, a couple of the staff team are currently unwell.

  • For the Lightwave Small group leader training, which starts on 25th of February and runs weekly for 6 weeks.

COMING SOON . . . . . . Launch of Love Rural - further details to follow next month!

Every blessing
Sally Gaze (Archdeacon for Rural Mission) - 07746 933129
Nina Seaman (Lightwave Prayer Coordinator) - 07394 559889

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