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healing the divide

Thursday 25th June 2020



On June 25th 2020, one month on from the death of George Floyd, Christians all over Suffolk from many different denominations came together to pray for racial justice. We prayed from midnight to midnight


We know that we have a long way to go in tackling racism – internationally, as a nation and in the Church – but we also know that praying together, black and white together is the right place to begin.


It was a fantastic time of prayer, but it doesn't stop here. We are asking you to continue to pray around 4 themes –

Remember ● Repent ● Reconcile ● Respond


We invite you to pray with us because it is by God’s grace and his power alone, that we will find the way to tackle racism in our nation, in our church and in our hearts

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A fantastic video you may want to use in your prayer time

Click the image to read the blog post

Another fantastic video interview from elevation church

Amazing grace

The Blessing- Churches across Ipswich

Downloads - Click on the pictures below to save

Download this guidance sheet for an hour of prayer, designed by Christians working together across denominations in Suffolk around 4 themes –


Why not spend 15 minutes of your prayer hour focussing on each area?

  • Remember

  • Repent

  • Reconcile

  • Respond

prayer guide

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A resource to help us remember

Bible verses about

Repentance & Reconciliation

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