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find out what the emerge hub are up to and how you can get involved

"What an incredible time of listening and learning we have had. With the constant changes and challenges of the Covid pandemic, these months haven’t looked as we would have imagined. No coffee and chats or people around for meals, but God is doing more in this challenging time as we listen to Him. A pattern for future ministry we hope will continue. 

The beauty of something emerging is a continual process, we see it clearly in fruit trees, the constant cycle of something emerging while something else is established. The tree itself becoming stronger and more established as what is emerging grows and changes – bud to blossom to fruit, bud to leaf to rest, trunk to branch to twig. 

These coming few months we will be working with groups established through Lockdown in a variety of these stages to equip and empower them for what God has called them to. We will also develop the hub as a worshipping community who build one another up and care for each other in the mission God has called us to. There is so much growing, from Wild Church, an event for families run by the Otley Lightwave group, to the emerging of the Little Bealings community hub linked with the parish church. The Bible journaling community are working through the book ‘Sensible Shoes’ and looking at faith emerging from life in Lockdown. Zoom Family worship is continuing online on Sunday mornings. God is on the move and we intend to move with Him, so His Spirit starts a new thing." 

- Ben and Leanne Wale


more information coming soon

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